Footwear Partnerships has wide experience of developing product for every level of retail, from initial product strategy, to design brief and final product in the factory.

Strong design contacts also mean that if clients do not have the relevant skills in-house, we can hand pick the best designer for the job.

In addition, a high level of technical expertise and strong relationships with the best factories overseas means that Footwear Partnerships can introduce the right manufacturing source and help manage the whole process.


Footwear Partnerships understands the importance of marketing and has excellent contacts within the communications industry.

From product launches to sales promotions, advertising to point-of-sale, we can recommend specialists that have specific footwear market experience and oversee strategy planning and budget management.

Our PR contacts can target the appropriate style media, as well as assist with product placement to ensure that brands are seen by the right people.


Footwear Partnerships can help non-footwear brands make a success of extending their product range into footwear.

With direct experience of successful licensing ventures, from initial concept through to product sales and distribution, we can offer introductions and specialist advice to both potential licensees and licensors.

Stephen has also been personally involved in corporate sales and acquisitions and can offer expert guidance in this area.


Footwear Partnerships understands that brand identity and perception is fundamental to the success of any brand consultancy work.

Only by careful management of this can we help our clients generate better sales and build their brand equity.

We are used to working closely with many teams, from product developers to creatives, to ensure that brand messages are relevant, on target and consistent.